Perfectly Timed Pics

There’s a girl with a four-foot inflatable penis in front of a pack of nuns, a demon-hound with the sharpest teeth in the universe and many more entertaining entries that will make you look twice and then once more. Scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorites.

#1 My Dad Waits Every Year For The Day The Sun Rises Just Right And Reflects Along The Railroad Tracks, Today Was That Day

#2 Right Place At The Right Time

#3 I Happened To Catch This Photo Of A Snowflake On My Daughters Eyelash Last Winter; It Wasn’t There For Long

#4 The Fog Made This Stadium Look Like A Spaceship

#5 Lightning Striking A Rainbow, This Moment Caught On My Mom’s Cell Phone

#6 Fun At Work

#7 Didn’t Notice The Hair Until Much Later

#8 I Think I Captured The Exact Moment This Turtle Lost His Virginity

#9 Petting My Demon Hound

#10 Now…. What’s The Chances Of Running Into A Gaggle Of Nuns With A Four Foot Inflatable C*ck

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